Wedding Selfie Ideas to Make Some Fun on Selfie Booths & Stations

The self-taken photographs are known as selfies. Trend of selfie is increased massively because of social media sites. In this modern age we all have accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others. We share selfies with our friends and followers to tell them about the happenings of our lives. Wedding selfie is now a part of wedding photography. You can take selfie in wedding dress with your partner and then upload on social network sites to tell your friends and followers that you are got married. It is one of the most latest trends of photography in all over the world. Therefore it is important to see some already taken wedding selfies by couples, bridals and grooms to get ideas. It is best ideas to inform your Social friends about your wedding with a perfect selfie picture.

perfect wedding selfies

romantic wedding selfie

Simple but Romantic Click with a SmileBest Tips for wedding selfie

It is really a fun to take selfies especially just after marriage. You can take pictures in special designed photo booths, wedding selfie stations or select any beautiful background view to take pics. It is not recommend using self camera timers to take selfies. Selfie sticks are very popular nowadays, so you can also try selfie stick to take you photo with perfect view.

Frame Photo Booth, Kiss captured on wedding

photo booths frames wedding selfie

Express your Excitement on Photography funny selfies on wedding day

Perfect View Selfie captured by Bride

awesome view of wedding selfie

Group Selfie with friends on Wedding Daybridal wedding selfie ideas

Smartphone are very common and most of the selfies are taken from personal Smartphones. On the wedding day you may hire professional camera men for wedding photography but I will recommend you to use your personal Smartphone to make your selfie for social networking sites because they look real and people love to see them and congratulate you by commenting on your wedding selfie.

Captured all moments with your family:

You must have captured all the special moments with your important family members like your father, mother, sisters, brothers and your best friends. Take funny and decent selfies with each one that gives you smile later.

Create a Special Wedding Hashtag on Social Media:

Hash-tagging is part of social media sites. Create a unique #hashtag of your wedding and forward that tag to all your guests. So that you can easily collect all the pictures by following that unique hash-tag on social site.

Gallery of Fun Selfies Taken on Weddings:

These are some collected pictures of different moments self captured by brides or grooms on the day of their wedding.

I hope you will add this unique photography idea as it is also a trend of modern world. Enjoy every moment of your special day and share these ideas with your friends who are soon going to tie with someone.

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