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A Wedding With Mustard

20 Jun

I’m done playing safe when it comes to weddings. I will admit I wasn’t a particularly adventurous bride when it came to planning my own wedding and I’m being totally hypocritical when I say this (my wedding was themed around peach and neutral beige!), but as a former bride can I encourage you to live a little bit dangerously?

The weddings that stand out to me now are those that have played with vibrant colour. These days we have access to so many beautiful fabrics, flowers and food so let’s make the most of this colour age!

Mustard has been one of my favourite colours for a long time now. I bought a mustard Gorman cardigan 3 years ago and have worn it to death ever since. Now each year the number of mustard items in my wardrobe steadily grows. A good mustard is hard to find and I understand that this colour really isn’t for everyone, but recently I have fallen in love with mustard themed weddings! In fact I would have loved to have had a mustard theme wedding myself, but at the time I think I was suffering from a severe case of pink tunnel vision!

Team it with bright/pastel pink or grey and let the mustard do the popping. Ideal for any season this colour will have happy written all over your photographs! (click the inspiration board below to enlarge)

Are you game to step out of the box with colour on your wedding day? Let us know! – we’d be happy to put together an inspiration board for any unique colours in popular demand!

Isabel :)

{Real Wedding} Eat, Drink + Be Merry: Yeemun + Ian’s Celebration

14 Feb

Yeemun and Ian met while attending the same university in the UK. They spent the first year of their relationship apart, commuting on weekends to see one another. It was the day after Yeemun’s birthday, whist on holiday in Maui that Ian decided they should climb to the summit of Haleakala National Park and watch the sunrise. And it was there, 10,000 feet above sea level during the dawn of a new day, that he proposed. From the outset, they wanted a small wedding.  “The venue was important as we wanted a location which could hold a ceremony and a reception so our guests didn’t have to travel to and fro!” said Yeemun. “We wanted them to get there and relax for the evening. As half of the guest list was travelling from HK and UK to attend, we wanted the venue to have a great view…  something special like The Tearoom at Gunner’s Barracks, Sydney.”

They wanted their wedding to be simple. “We didn’t choose any particular theme,” said Yeemun. “It was more about the food and drinks and the people. As I’m Chinese …eating and drinking is a big part of our culture. The ceremony was a mixture of East and West. We did the traditional bride walking down the aisle, and also a mini chinese tea ceremony to acknowledge and pay respect to my culture and heritage.”

“By Chinese traditions I should have worn red… but I didn’t!” says Yeemun. She instead opted for a beautiful full-length satin and chiffon nude apricot gown. “I brought the dress at a local shop in Cremorne called Chic Collection. I remember it was raining heavily and I decided to pop into the shop to get some inspiration but I ended up seeing a dress I liked and which suited me perfectly… they made it especially in my size in the colour of my choice.” For her bouquet, Yeemun chose her favourite flower: white ranunculus, mixed with freesia for the gorgeous fragrance.  The couple chose to forego complex table decorations in favour of simplicity. “We wanted our decorations to fit with the old English feel of the venue, so we chose a mix of red ranunculus with lilac sweetpea… I needed to incorporate red into the wedding as this is a good luck colour in Chinese. Then simple clear candles surrounding the centre piece.” After pre-dinner drinks on the terrace, guests dined on a sumptuous three course meal, followed by individual wedding cakes. The couple also indulged their guests in a cigar/cognac lounge area. “We wanted somewhere so that people could mingle after dinner.” said Yeemun. “This was set up on a Harbour terrace with stunning evening view of the Sydney Harbour and City lights.”

Yeemun and Ian spent their wedding night at the Hilton, Sydney. They haven’t spent their Honeymoon anywhere yet, but they’d like to go back to Hawaii or visit Brazil. Their plans for the future are to “Live life and Be Happy”.

Congratulations Yee & Ian! We wish you all the very best that life has too offer.

The wonderful people and places that made this wedding special:
Photographer: Tim Coulson
Ceremony + Reception: The Tearoom Gunners Barracks
Celebrant: Elise Thompson
Harpist: Karen Hickmott
Bride’s Gown: Chic Collections
Groom’s Suit: Pepper’s Formal Hire
Flowers: Hills Flower Market
Cake: Churrasco
Table Decorations: The Styling Company
Favours: Kawaka Chocolates

How’s your planning going so far Modettes? Will you be incorporating any special traditional elements into your wedding? Let us know. And don’t forget to congratulate Yee & Ian while you’re at it! Leave a comment, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz

Rosemary xoxox

Manifesto – A Response

11 Nov

The wedding industry has been in a spin for the last two weeks after well-known wedding photographer Jonas Peterson published his thoughts in a manifesto. I read it and felt comforted, relieved, inspired, grateful and downright overjoyed.  I think if you’re a bride, you should read it. I think if you’re stressed, you should definitely read it and I think if you’re freaking out about whether to go with “Rose Pink” napkins or “Petal Pink” napkins, you need to read it.

It is easy to get caught up in the details of weddings. This crystal vase or that one? Those shoes, or these shoes? There are so many options, so many things to consider, too many choices, but somehow never enough. Heck, even I get caught up in the details of weddings sometimes. How can I not? I see them and write about them daily.

A wedding should be about two people who love each other committing to one another to take the rest of life’s journey together. The details should be your details, not ours. We blog and publish magazines to give you ideas, to inspire you with other beautiful love stories and examples of the ways you can express that love for one another to the world. Please be unique. Be yourselves, find your own story and your own way of expressing it.

In his final note on a manifesto Jonas says “I have clients who worry their wedding isn’t cool enough for me to shoot. Some get details they don’t care about ‘so that I will have enough things to shoot.’”

That’s the last thing we want. Just this morning our Editor-in-Chief stopped by my desk and said that a friend had told her she was worried her wedding ‘wasn’t going to be good enough’. “I almost cried,” she said. “They were so worried about what I thought, and what I was going to think of their wedding because we publish bridal magazines and fancy weddings. It’s not about that at all! Details are lovely, yes, we do love to see some details and it’s quite wonderful to spend some time on them. Details can be beautiful and fun and can represent something that’s unique and special to you… but the details aren’t what’s important. Your wedding is your wedding. It should be special to you. And never, ever, should anyone feel like the day that they marry the love of their life is not good enough.”

So I say start with the love, not the dress or the perfect pink napkins… by all means feel free to get carried away with as many details as you like, if that’s what you want to do. But don’t get stressed by them, don’t let them overcome you, and don’t let them get in the way of what’s really important.

Let love reign.

Photography by Tim Coulson

Photography by Hot Chilli Media

Photography by Imajica Photography

Photography by Ambridge Rose

Photography by Passion8 Photography

Photography by Brett Odgers

Rosemary xox


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