Shaded Henna Designs for Hands 2016

It’s time to share some unique shaded henna designs for hands with you. As you know henna is used to draw different designs patterns on the hands, legs, arms, neck and other body parts. Mostly henna is used by females to design their hands and feet to make them noticeable and beautiful. It gives an elegant smell and stunning looks to women. We already shared many creative ideas of henna designs for hands in 2016 but now we are going to share something different and complex designs of henna. Yes, these are shaded henna designs. Giving a shade with henna is looking difficult but in actual it is very easy. You just need an idea and concept of designing. Here we share some shaded henna designs for your hands.

Best Bridal Shaded Henna Designs for Hands

Shaded henna designs 2015

Dark black henna designs for wedding brides

Simple wedding design for henna 2015

Shade can be given by applying henna cone with low pressure. You can also use your finders to spread the henna paste to make it lighter than other design. So it will give you a look of shades. If you are regular use henna to make some design but never try these type shaded style. We will recommend you to try out these unique henna designs too. These shaded designs of henna will surely impress others.

See Henna Design Pictures for Wedding:

I hope these henna designs for hands will help you and you will find them useful. You can also apply them on feet and to make henna tattoos.

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