Pink and Grey Wedding Theme Ideas

In this modern world, dual colors are selected as wedding theme and therefore we started this amazing series of wedding themes. In this post we are talking about Pink and Grey wedding theme. In the old times, only one color was selected for the whole wedding and the other color are mixed with that but nowadays it is a latest trend to use multiple colors mostly combination of two or three colors where one color is taken as main and other one used as supporting color on the base or background. In Pink and gray wedding we took pink as more prominent color because it is one of the hottest colors for wedding decorations while grey or silver as a base. I will show you few example images of this theme that include pink and grey invitations, decorating pieces, matching dresses for bridesmaid, gifts, wedding favors and even cakes are also decorated by following the selected theme. Let’s see the ideas given below:

Pink and Grey wedding theme photography groomsmen bridesmaid

Pink and Grey Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits combination

Gray and pink wedding theme

Light Pink & Grey Day time wedding Photography with bridesmaids and Groomsmen Group

Gray and pink bridesmaid photography ideas

Gray and Pink Flowers Bouquets Ideas for Wedding theme

Sexy bridesmaid grey and pink

Pink Dress and Grey bouquest for wedding

pink and grey bridesmaid dresses

pink and grey wedding bouquet

hot pink and gray wedding bridesmaid lace dress

Grey and pink wedding theme flowers brideamid dress

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