Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas for Guests

Wedding favors are a great memory of your special day that goes with your guests. Some wedding favors are planned in such a way that they last forever while others might end up in the garbage. If you have time, you can design wedding favors by your own. Otherwise, you can also order for personalized wedding gifts for your respectable guests.

You can be quite creative while deciding upon giveaways. It required a little effort like making candles or floral arrangements that can be also used as the table centerpieces at the wedding making it economical as well.

Personalized wedding favors ideas

I am going to list down some personalized wedding favor ideas for the guests as a token of appreciation.

Sweet Treat

You can bake sugar cookies for your giveaways. It will not cost too much and guests will love it. Frost them with the icing in colors that are in your wedding theme. Once it gets hard, use more icing to frost but in contrast colors to write the initial of groom and bride.

Colorful Gift Boxes for Wedding Favors  

Wedding favor ideas for guests

Chocolates and Sweets for Wedding Favors – Package ideaschocolate wedding favors

Moreover you can pack some candies, sugar coated almonds, chocolate coated espresso beans or your favorite chocolates in a bag to treat your guests. Wedding favors are just a thank you note for participation in your celebration so they do not need to be very pricey.


Another unique idea you might appreciate is making candles for wedding favors. You can buy wax from a craft shop. You will also need small glass jars and glass paint. Candle dye is optional, but I would suggest candle scent for sure. Melt the wax and add dye and scent to it. Pour it in the jars before its cool and write down your names or wedding date on the jar with a paint brush. These homemade candles can be a hit on your wedding. You may ask your friends for help with this project.

Top 5 Cheap Homemade Ideas for Wedding favors 

Cheap wedding favors ideas

Wedding Favors from Nature

If the wedding is planned in spring, you have the edge of going for tiny flower pots with your names on them or they can be tied with beautiful silk ribbons having bride and groom’s names printed on them. It would be close to nature and the guest is going to remember your big day till the plant will stay alive. Another idea is to make an attractive pouch filled with some flower or herb plant seeds

Wedding favor ideas for Guests items to get in Bulk discounts 

Cool wedding favors for guests

Customized inexpensive but creative and inspirational favors for your reception Guests – Envelops & Cardscreative ideas for wedding party favors

Personalized wedding favors for guests

Music CD’s  

The couple interested in music can opt for giving away CDs having the list of their favorite songs. The CDs can be burnt with your favorite playlist. Adhesive labels can work for the names of the couple and the date of wedding. Pack this memorable gift in CD plastic cases.

wedding favors for young adults

Surprising favor ideas for Guestssurprise wedding favors for each guest

Personalization of wedding favors add charm to them and you will be satisfied that you have done something remarkable for your guests. Other ideas for favors can be perfumed pieces of soaps, small bottles of hand lotion, lip balms, hand held fans are all the items that can be useful for the guests later on. There are a lot more options like personalized tea bags, match boxes and wine glasses.

Inexpensive wedding favors ideas

Browsing through internet will give you numerous personalized wedding favor ideas for guests. We hope that you will select the one that provides visual treat as well as will be low on cost.

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