Outdoor Country Themed Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decorations depend on many factors, such as your wedding theme and specific place or venue where you are planning to set your wedding reception. In July and summer seasons, most of couples prefer outdoor weddings specially near their home town and outside areas from main city. So if you are  planning your reception in outside then country theme for decoration should be your first choice. In include beach side decoration, vintage style decoration and outdoor mountain or open areas which are normally far from the houses. You can set the stage near your farmhouse if it locates on a beautiful village side. We collected some beautiful pictures of country themed wedding decorations which give you some cool ideas to decorate your own wedding reception.

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Beach Weddings

If you decide to get married on the beach, the good news is that the beach and the sea automatically provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Think about that increase in planning your ceremony for sunset romantic atmosphere. Choose white chairs to sit for your guests and decorate them with simple ribbon bows to match your color scheme.

outdoor beach pink theme decor ideas for reception party

For your reception, a fresh clean look best. Use tiki torches to surround your reception area and create a romantic glow to your guests. Bring crisp white tablecloths to your tables. For your centerpieces using hurricane lamps because they are heavy and cannot be blown down or blown out easily. Show tulle around the central parts and anchor it with heavy shells. Select pieces of driftwood and scatter it around the perimeter of your reception area for an additional beach theme.

Outdoor waterfront wedding venues

Park and Backyard Weddings

One thing that really adds an outdoor wedding light. If you getting married under a tree at dusk, wrap the tree trunk with clear Christmas lights. This is a splendid, sparkling backdrop. Also loop a rope around the lower branches and bring small candle lanterns on a romantic atmosphere to make. If a tree that will serve as an altar, with a lighted arch or illuminated columns, to highlight your altar.

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Country Themes Wedding Decoration on Farmhouse / Near Mountains IdeasOutdoor country themed wedding decoration Ideas

For your reception, should following suit with several trees around your location? Wrap the stems with clear light and candle lanterns hanging from the branches. If you do not use in candles, then string up lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Your tables and chairs should be white, either with white chair covers or white chairs and white tablecloths itself, fixed even in windy conditions. For your centerpieces, you can use the light theme, making deep fish glasses or vases on tables further. Fill the centerpieces with marble and place a votive candle lonely in the middle. The candle will shine from the marbles. Use ribbon that matches your colors and tie a bow only to the backs of chairs. Use around the same band and bring his a thick stripe in the middle, over the entire length of the tables. Point the centerpieces on the top of the strip to help you to anchor it on.

Cheap Country Themed Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Vintage wedding decorations

Vintage / Heritage Style Wedding decoration IdeasOutside Church wedding reception decorations

Outdoor weddings are also the perfect place to use flowers. Get great planters or urns and place flower arrangements inside that match your colors or the flowers in your bouquet. Insert the floral arrangements at the edges of your reception.

Pictures of Country Themes Decorations in Outhouses:

In order to create a wedding atmosphere further, decorate fences, railings, flower pots and everything. With simple bow or ribbon In view large balls on sticks to flower gardens and around the reception site scattered.

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