Nail Art Ideas for Wedding 2016

When the time of wedding arrives, the bride is so much conscious of her dress, hairstyle, looks and shoes but nail art is not given that much importance. But being a bride, it must be kept in mind that the people notice the bride from head to toe and nail art too plays a very important role. Nail Art Ideas for wedding 2016 are available on many websites on the Internet for those who are getting married in 2016 or the upcoming years so that brides can give a new and unique look to their nails as well.

These designs can give your hands beautiful look and hide the weak points of your nails and hands.

Beautiful wedding nail art ideas

bride nails images

Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding nail designs

In old times, simple nail colors were used but nowadays, different nail arts have been introduced with different designs and combination of colors and styles. Teenagers are mostly into this kind of stuff, and as far as the bride is concerned, the nail arts give a fantastic look to the nails with that shimmering and glittering effect.

Bridal Nail Art Pictures

wedding nail designs ideas

simple wedding nails

Gorgeous Nail Designs for Wedding

wedding nail art designs gallery

wedding nail art designs gallery

As it is the nail art that is specifically meant for a wedding so, it must have glittery shades in it too to make it look more prominent and beautiful.

Wedding nail colors for brides

Bridesmaid Nails Designs

Teenagers love to apply these nail arts on a daily basis too, and few people try these by themselves, but when it comes to a bride, she needs to go to a professional who is good it nail artwork as if it is not done neatly then it can give bad impact. Nail art is done keeping in mind the dress color of the bride and the same color as that of the dress is chosen for it with an addition to silver, golden or any other color that could bring life to the nails.

Pictures of wedding nails

pics of bride nails

glitter wedding nails

Simple Wedding Nail Designs

Nail arts is of great significance on the nails as that of Henna on the hands. To enlighten the look of the nails, nail shimmer is used before applying the nail color to give it a shiny look and then when it dries different designing are done with a nail color of your choice. Nail arts with various styles and designs are available in many places on the Internet and can be easily copied from there in case if you find difficulty in selection of the perfect design that matches with your dress.

bride nails images

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