Matching Engagement Rings for Him and Her

To propose for marriage, engagement rings are used. There are many designs of rings available in different precious metals but if you want to make your engagement so romantic and impress your future spouse then it is necessary to care about your engagement rings. You should choose precious metal ring with some kind of diamond. Usually groom purchase ring for his bride and bride buy for her groom. However, if you both are in contact and want to buy set of rings then it is good idea to select matching engagement rings. You can find easily set of rings or engagement bands for her and him. Here we share some beautiful pictures of matching engagement rings.

matching promise ring hands of his and her

Gold Plated Wedding Rings with Gemstonewedding-rings-design for his and her

Gold Plated Silver Engagement Rings in Cut Heart shaped with DiamondMatching Wedding rings for him and her

Most of the time man does not care about the design of matching rings and dresses but for woman matching is matter. Therefore, if you (as a groom) are not interested in matching designs then give priority to your bride’s choice. Your rings should be in budget. You may select rings having same design but of different metals. For bride, ring should be made from expensive metal like gold and for groom silver metal is enough with beautiful gemstone. It will lower your cost but you will not lose the matching.

Pic of Cute Matching Wedding bands for couple

matching engagement rings for him and her


promise ring for him and hers

Couple rose Gold Matching ring for him and her

Name Written Personalized Promising Bands for Both Bide and Groom name written on engagement ring same for both

matching promise ring with name written

Matching rings reflects the couple and it help you to understand each other. It will develop the feeling of harmony and you both feel near to each other. You can also keep them save as your love symbol after your marriage. Overall, it would be a good start of new relation.

Gallery of Promise Rings and Bands for Him and Her:

Usually set of matching rings have cut gemstone style which not looks good if wear alone. Therefore, you should prefer rings having same design but not looks odd when wear it alone. You can also order your jeweler to emboss and write “your names” or some romantic words like “You lover”“Endless Love” or “Love forever” etc on rings metal. Sizes may be different but the style and color of bands should be same for both of you. I hope you will like all these latest designs of engagement rings that we collected for him and hers.

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