Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings on Entrance

The wedding ceremonies are always special for the couple and close ones as the memories are cherished for the whole life. Everyone wants to add creativity and fun to the event and in the effort to do so, plans ahead before the event. Wedding organizers make your day extraordinary according to your choice. It gives a feeling of relaxation to know that you will be free of arrangements on your big day and someone else is taking care of it exactly the way you want.

Sparklers at Wedding Reception Entrance 

Heart Shaped Sparklers for Weddings on Entrance

The use of wedding sparklers is a new trend that excites the guests. It looks beautiful in the evening and night function when the sparks lit up the dark sky. You can make your entrance or exit quite memorable by letting your honorable guests make an arch of heart shaped sparklers for you and your partner to walk beneath.

Bright Long Lasting Sparklers

What are Sparklers?

A sparkler is a steel wire coated 2/3 of its length with thick pyrotechnic composition. They have light grey color, but you can use a good quality paint to like Krylon so that they can match the wedding theme. Heart shaped sparklers appear like heart as their name suggests.

Colored Sparklers for Wedding Day (Blue Color firework art)

Blue colored wedding sparklers

36 Inches long wedding sparklers in beautiful Heart shape36 inch wedding sparklers

Ideas to use the Sparklers

You can use them by fixing them in the ground or flower pots in a heart shape. It would be a breathtaking moment when they will be lit. There are many other ways to decorate the venue using heart shaped sparklers. They can also make a center piece to the table of guests. Put them in jars or vase and witness the beauty. You will definitely be appreciated for the unique ideaMoreover, heart shaped sparklers for wedding on the entrance can excite the guests as they welcome the new couple with all the enthusiasm and best wishes. You can ask your photographer to capture those precious moments as no one can stop the genuine smile and excitement while holding sparklers. Your wedding pictures will definitely be superb. You can also customize the sparklers by adding up a tag or silk ribbons to them.

Unique Sparklers Styles and Lightning Ideas for Reception

20 inch large sparklers for weddings

24 inch wedding sparklers for reception guests

Customized Spelling Letters Sparklers for CouplesCreative ideas for Wedding Sparklers

wedding sparklers spell love in big latters

In addition to these ideas, you can also put them on your wedding cake. It would draw the attention of your guests.

Mistakes to Avoid while Purchasing Heart Shaped Sparklers

You must purchase the wedding sparklers in bulk to get them at discounted rates and request your wedding organizers to check them before the event. Some sparklers are easy to light while others may take time. It is better to try them and confirm the ignition time before sending off finally.

cheap wedding sparklers

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers in hands

smokeless sparklers for wedding on beautiful girls hands

Safety Precautions

Although you can make a memorable impression by using beautiful sparkler, you must follow the guidelines to use the sparkles to avoid any accidents.

  1. Children should be supervised well when exposed to the burnable material.
  2. You must get the sparklers lightened one by one. Never try to do it at once as it bursts and can be unsafe.
  3. Be careful once the sparkle is lit and keep it at a safe distance from your arm and face and other people around you.

Pictures of Beautiful Heart Shaped Sparklers:

I am sure that heart shaped sparklers for weddings on the entrance will be on your planning list for your own or a friend’s wedding. They are also being used at other events like birthdays and celebrations.

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