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Win a pink sapphire and diamond ring!

13 Sep

We’re celebrating the launch of the PINK Modern Wedding magazine with a competition to win this gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring, pictured below.

Arman’s Fine Jewellery kindly offered their incredible talents and valuable time to create this one-of-a-kind ring.

“We were inspired to make this beautiful ring after seeing a trend amongst our clients of loving to have a centre stone surrounded by diamonds,” says Arman. “It enhances the centre stone’s size and the double band of diamonds helps to show off the stunning pink centrepiece.”

Pink sapphire and diamond ring

Pink sapphire and diamond ring by Arman’s Fine Jewellery

The stunning ring is hand crafted in 18ct white gold with 40 round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.93ct claw set and one pink princess cut sapphire 0.93ct claw set. In total, the ring is worth AU$6,700.00. To create this masterpiece took 19 solid hours of workmanship between the jeweller and the diamond setter.

Arman’s Fine Jewellery is a family business established in 1985, located in the heart of Sydney city. Renowned for creating unique engagement and wedding rings, the jewellers work closely with their clients to ensure a contemporary and wholly unique design.

PINK Modern Wedding magazine (Volume 56)

PINK Modern Wedding magazine (Volume 56)

How to enter the competition

To be in the running to win this amazing pink sapphire ring from Arman’s Fine Jewellery you’ll need to buy the PINK edition of the Modern Wedding magazine (Volume 56) and then tell us in 25 words or less how you will be incorporating a touch of pink into your wedding day. The competition form is in the magazine.

The PINK edition of Modern Wedding magazine is now available in newsagents, Coles and Woolworths stores around Australia. You can also buy it online at

Modern Wedding is a proud Gold Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and proceeds from our designer pink gown auction (featured inside the magazine) will go towards funding awareness, prevention and research of breast cancer.

The winner of the competition will be notified by mail and published in Volume 58 of Modern Wedding magazine. The competition is only available to Australian residents.

Hot tips & trends in wedding jewellery

17 May

We have received so many questions over the last few weeks from brides wanting to know about the trends in the jewellery business, wedding bands and engagement rings and how to make sure what you have is going to last forever and make you smile every day.

I called upon the amazing Arman’s Fine Jewellery to let us in on their secrets.

Wedding ring trends for 2012

We are currently designing personalised Engagement rings, clients like to see as much of the diamond as possible while still having it securely set. In particular they love to see the culet-the point of the diamond and by doing so it shows more of the diamond rather than it being hidden away by Gold/Platinum.

engagement ring designs

Arman’s Fine Jewellery

Check out this incredible, modern design by Levon and how creatively he designs the ring around the diamond showing off the diamond’s point. Wow!


Wedding band for the ladies- Diamonds are the way to go usually or ¾ of the band, it really depends on your taste and what would look right against your Engagement ring.
For the grooms, usually they don’t want a high bling wedding band. We find that a lot of our customers are loving the matt & polished finish combined rather than a highly polished one. Also mixing up the metal eg White & Rose gold in certain sections or patterns –  they also want something different and unique.

What are the pro’s and con’s for handcrafted rings V’s mass produced? 

At Arman’s Fine Jewellery we specialise in handcrafted jewellery pieces which are one off makes. By doing so they are more personalised designs to tailor the client’s needs, as each girl really doesn’t want to have another person have the same Engagement ring or jewellery items.

Engagement ring with pink diamond

Arman’s Fine Jewellery

Mass Produced- The item is a copy of the original handmade jewellery item. This lowers the cost and less time is put into making them, however by doing this, the quality of the piece is not the same. Although, sometimes you can’t tell the difference between the two at first, future problems can occur, for example porosity, where the jewellery has air bubbles. This is why we choose to handcraft each and every piece of our jewellery items.

Top tips for choosing the right engagement ring for your fiancé. 

Make sure that your Engagement ring can have a wedding band that will sit flush against it. For the men out there doing the process by yourselves, when you’re getting closer to the wedding and choosing wedding bands some ladies may wish they had chosen the Engagement ring with you.
If you do decide to choose the Engagement ring for your soon-to-be-fiancé, keep in mind that ladies always want to see the maximum light of the diamond. That’s why you should ask for finer claws/or the setting you want while still having it safe enough to secure the stone.
Make sure that if your surprising her- get some thoughts of what you think she would like or what diamond shape she would prefer.

Diamond Engagement ring

Arman’s Fine Jewellery

What is the best way to clean/polish/care for rings? 

The best way to clean your rings is to bring it back to your jeweller so they can clean it in an Ultrasonic (water bath) which takes out all the dirt for you, usually at no charge. Some jewellers also offer clients a free polishing cloth because it can be difficult to get back so often. When a girl leaves Arman’s Fine Jewellery, eventually she will put moisturiser on her hand and next thing you know the diamond looks dirty. All she has to do is simply give it a good wipe with her free polishing cloth to bring it back to it glamour.

Dress ring - square cut

Arman’s Fine Jewellery

Where/how and with who should couples get their rings insured?

Many jewellers can offer insurance to their clients – Arman’s offer their clients, in some cases free insurance for a year. By doing so it gives the customer relief while purchasing their personalised item. After the first year the Insurance company gets in contact with our customer to see if they would like to continue the program if they choose to. They also offer Australia’s cheapest rate for insuring items and don’t charge excessive amounts. If the item get’s lost or stolen (whatever the situation) you pay no excess fee’s which also gives a lot of relief to our customers.

Arman’s jewellery pieces can be seen on their website but also at their shop: Shop 10, St James Arcade, 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Thank you to Levon from Arman’s Fine Jewellery for all your advice, tips and insight!

Have a wonderful and successful day of wedding planning!

Kate x

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For information on how to choose diamonds – check out our ‘Diamond’s are a girl’s Best Friend’ article.

Bespoke weddings – how far you should go…

11 May

Most brides want to personalise their weddings and inject her and her fiancés personality into it, these days you can almost personalise every detail of your wedding! But how far should you push it?

Artisan Simon Grew is the jeweller and designer behind August + Pemberton and late last year launched a fully interactive website allowing clients the opportunity to custom design their own Mokume Gane wedding rings. He offers his advice to you on how to personalise your wedding so that your personality is elegantly weaved into your celebration without you having to break the bank.

Mokume wedding rings

Simon: ” Everyday we hear about another product that can be completely custom fit, custom made or custom tailored to suit your every desire. Marketers have tagged this as The Personalised Economy, where buying something meant for the masses just isn’t good enough anymore. From custom designed Converse sneakers to your very own brand of muesli, the sky is the limit with what the consumer can create through a few swift clicks of the mouse.

This is old news in the wedding world! Brides and Grooms have been seeking out ways to put their own stamp on their special day for years. Non traditional wedding vows have given way to specialty wedding songs crooning about the couple. A little imagination goes a long way to making your wedding as beautiful and personal as possible.

Personalised wedding details

Inlighten Photography

Before you go all out, there are a few things to think about! It’s pretty easy to go overboard and customize everything on your wedding day, which can be lovely but pretty threatening to your bank account! Consider making a list of priorities of what is really important to personalize. Is it your wedding vows? That’s an easy one! What about hand written calligraphy place cards? Or custom designed cufflinks for your groomsmen? Make a list of the things you love, and stick to it. A few personal touches throughout your wedding will look beautiful, thoughtful and mean a lot more than breaking the bank.

With customization comes responsibility. If you want to customize any element of your wedding, you need to make sure that you give clear directions to your wedding vendors about what you are after. Building an open relationship with your suppliers and outlining clear expectations will help to make sure that what you order is what you get. Customising any part of your wedding will rely on great working relationships and realistic expectations as to what you can expect to receive and them to deliver.

Finally, if you are ordering online, make sure that you read the fine print! Delivery dates, shipping rates and other things can be tucked away in the fine print, and cause a misunderstanding. Ask about the company’s return policy, and ask for a sample if you aren’t sure. Any reputable company will be willing to stand by their product and help you make your decision.

Adding personal elements to your wedding is the surest way to make your wedding day a special event to remember.

Mokume wedding rings

August + Pemberton is an independent jewellery workshop in Paddington. Established in 2006, Simon has been offering custom designed fine jewellery to a select clientele, resulting in the seamless fusion of design and craftsmanship. Bespoke Mokume is the latest development in Simon’s world of jewellery. This fully interactive website allows clients the opportunity to custom design their own Mokume Gane wedding rings.

Check out the ring I just designed for myself!

custom designed ring

You must have a go – very fun!

Thank you to Simon for your fantastic advice.

If there is one thing you should personalise for your wedding – it should be one of the things you will take away from the day and wear forever!

Have a great weekend all!

Kate x

If the ring fits… the ideal engagement ring.

2 Mar

‘Tis the season for engagements, tra la la la…. February and March are the seasons of love, and many men and women over the last four weeks have popped the questions making their partners the happiest loved-up people alive. Now it starts… planning planning planning. But first comes a nice shiny rock!

Venietta, the director of Marketing and Sales at Fairfax & Roberts is sharing her personal wisdom on how to make sure you find your perfect engagement ring.

“The engagement ring plays a very crucial role in the life of any soon to be married couple. It is an expression of their love and signifies a sign of their commitment. Today there are various options in selecting an engagement ring. Traditionally the groom was the only one involved in the selection process. Today, such tradition still stands, as well as the bride being involved in the selection of the ring, heirloom stones being used or a groom proposing with a loose diamond followed by bespoke design.
diamond engagement ringThis is the opportunity to create an engagement ring that is as individual as you are – whether you choose diamonds or gemstones, platinum or gold, classic or modern. Enjoy the magical journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring for you. To assist, I have a few tips to share with you:

Tip 1: Find a reputable jeweller. Visit several jewellers and find one whom is knowledgeable and that you trust. Know where your ring will be made – by that jeweller versus off shore, handmade or cast.

Tip 2: Find the diamond that is perfect for you. Every diamond is unique; there is an abundance of information. Details about the 4Cs are available on the internet, however nothing compares to viewing diamonds in person. The cut is particularly important as it determines a diamond’s brilliance and scintillation; which can only be seen by the eye.
There are also various factors that affect the price of a diamond. I would encourage you to focus on the factors that are most important to you. Your jeweller should walk you through the diamond selection process and find the best options for you. Ensure your diamond is certified.

Solitaire engagement ring
Tip 3: Invest in a quality setting. A diamond requires both a unique setting to capture it’s beauty and importantly a quality setting to ensure the jewels longevity.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring
Tip 4: Find a design that reflects your personality and style with consideration to wearing the ring for many years to come. Personally I would lean towards a more timeless setting. In time you can have your ring redesigned, so don’t panic.

pear shape diamond engagement ring
Tip 5: Care for your ring. Ensure you have your jeweller check your ring at least once a year to ensure your setting and diamonds are secure.
By following these tips and doing some research, the journey to find (and maintain) your perfect engagement ring can be a magical and memorable experience.
An important decision that lasts a lifetime, a diamond is the ultimate symbol of commitment and everlasting love, and we at Fairfax & Roberts recognise that choosing the perfect engagement ring is an important decision that lasts a lifetime.
Our creative director, and on-premise atelier provides a bespoke service that ensures that every piece of jewellery is individually designed and meticulously handcrafted.”
Fairfax & Roberts
19 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000
02 9232 8510
Open Monday to Saturday
Contact: Venietta Slama-Powell Director of Marketing and Sales

Thanks Venietta for your wonderful tips!

Kate x

{Expert Advice} What to look for when choosing your wedding rings

17 Feb

What an amazing week of inspiration we have had this Valentine’s week. We saw a record number of new men dropping to their knees to pop the question to their unexpecting  girlfriends who of course said ‘yes’. It’s an exciting time of the year and one where we need a little advice on what to look for and some tips on choosing your engagement ring and wedding bands.

The lovely Temelli Jewellers offer us some great tips on buying your rings.

  • Rings can be custom designed and made, to ensure the ring you receive is exactly what you envisage.
  • Trying on different settings will give you an idea of what suits you best and what you prefer.
emerald cut Temelli engagement rings
  • Before deciding on your ring, think about your wedding band – as these two rings will be worn side by side and need to complement each other. Finding wedding bands can be a dilemma if the engagement ring is a unique size or shape, however manufacturing jewellers offer a customised service where they create a band that fits and enhances the ring. It is no more expensive to have a ring made than to buy an existing ring.
Engagement and wedding diamond ringsfloral wedding bands
  • Rings should be made with a solid band, not hollowed out, and stones should be set into individual settings. Cast or cheap machine made, poorly alloyed gold and poorly set rings will not last over time.
  • Couples should also look at after-sales service and enquire about how to maintain the rings for their lifetime.
princess wedding ring set
  • Enquire with your jeweller what type of insurance they can offer you on your rings, as the premiums are usually better than generic insurance companies and tailored to cover loss and damage worldwide.

TOP TIP: An extended lay-by payment system for wedding rings, does allow couples to secure a price. This is particularly important at present considering that gold and other metals are constantly increasing in price. Mens rings can be made in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct gold and a variety of other metals including titanium, palladium and platinum.  Today, many couples spend between two to three thousand dollars on their wedding bands – a suitable budget for a diamond set ladies wedder and a solid mens wedder

Temelli Jewellery ignites customers’ passions highlighting a search for quality that is reflected in the jewellery. Temelli Jewellery is synonymous with style, and in the past prominent celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins, Rachael Finch, Jesinta Campbell, Tracey Grimshaw, Kelly Landry & Livinia Nixon have donned exclusive Temelli creations.
Ph: 259 Collins Street, Melbourne: 03 9639 5556

Kate x


Australia’s razzle dazzle – our rarest diamond for sale

20 Dec

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this has to be her ultimate BFF, it is one of the rarst jewels to have graced our shores – an awe-inspiring 25 carat (yes 25!!!!) pear shaped diamond.

This magnificent jewel has been transformed into a breathtaking diamond pendant. ‘Ellisse’, the name of the exquisite design features the incredible 25 ct. diamond handcrafted in 18ct. white gold, surrounded by 2.28 cts of round brilliant cut diamonds (as if she wasn’t sparkly enough) and suspended below a 0.61ct. Australian Pink diamond. Wow wow wow!

This show-stopper will set you back a whopping $3.5 million! On my Christmas list, but I’m not holding my breath…

Rare 25 carat diamondEllisse went on exhibition for the first time at Musson Jewellers‘ VIP Boutique Launch at their new location in Sydney’s QVB.

Celebrity Apprentice star Jacinta Campbell was lucky enough to try the necklace out for us all…  I must admit, I would have preferred to try it on myself:)

Musson QVB Christmas event


Musson jewellery has a beautiful range of luxurious sparkly eye candy – including Australia’s rare dazzlers, the Argyle Australian Pink diamonds.

Here are a few from their range to swoon over:)

Spirale- New signature design by Robert Musson, every day contemporary wear featuring spirals of diamonds. From $5,000

Spiral wedding rings

Diamonds of Distinction Bracelet- Robert Musson’s signature diamond tennis bracelet available in round, Princess, emerald and oval cut diamond options. From $15,000

Diamond bracelet

Blue Sky- Musson design featuring an Aquamarine floating in diamond encrusted claws. This design is available in many colour variations.

Aqua Marine and diamond rings


If you want to check out these amazing pieces of jewellery or some of the other deliciously sparkly items at Musson – you must check out their new store in the QVB, Sydney.

Enjoy dreaming of your new BFF;)

Kate xx

If you want more ring inspiration check out our Ring Gallery on Modern Wedding.

Also – make sure you have entered our Bridesmaid Competition to win a $2000 Bridesmaid package complete with jewellery and dresses!



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

1 Dec

Marilyn Monroe crooned it in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Nicole Kidman sang it from the rooftops in Moulin Rouge… we all know it’s true, so I’m giving into temptation and dedicating today to a sensual, sparkly, scintillating study of our favourite stone. With lots of eye candy of course!

Engagement rings are your way of telling the world “I’m taken!” so why not make a statement with some gorgeous bling and brilliance? I love the idea of choosing a ring that reflects your personal style. Sydney Jeweller and Engagement Ring Specialist Ken Anania of Anania Jewellers advises couples to take their time and make sure they choose the right engagment and wedding rings. “This is a piece of jewellery that will be with you for life,” he says. “You need to be sure it’s timeless, stylish and uniquely you. Ideally, you should be thinking about jewellery that will be passed down from generation to generation.”

“Be sure to think about how your engagement and wedding rings will work together. Sometimes people focus on them as separate entities. It’s important to remember you’ll be wearing them together, so the designs should be cohesive and harmonious,” says Ken.

According to gem theory, the shape of the ring you choose says something about your personality.

Round: Family-centred, dependable, easy-going.
Pear: Comforting, adaptable, home-centric.
Oval: Individualistic, creative, organised, takes chances.
Princess: An efficient leader, disciplined, organised.
Marquise: Extroverted, aggressive, career-centred.
Emerald: Disciplined, conservative, efficient, honest.
Heart: Sentimental, feminine, sensitive and trusting.

Do you think that your stone of choice says much about your personality? What kind of stone did you choose for your engagement and wedding rings? Let us know! Leave your comments, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz.

Many thanks to the Ken from Anania Jewellers for providing all this super sparkly diamond ring bling-spiration. I’m all googly-eyed and swoony. And I kinda feel like singing too. So pretty!

Rosemary xox

Advice from the experts: finding the perfect ring

11 Nov

We have asked the wonderful Simon Grew from August & Pemberton to give all our brides a few tips on how to sort through the thousands of ring designs to find the perfect fit for them.

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

August & Pemberton

Simon: “You’ve found the perfect partner. Now what about the perfect ring? Choosing a ring from the thousands of designs out there can be both daunting and a bit disheartening! Despite the thousands of options, it’s often hard to find something that is “perfect” from both a design and budget perspective. The answer to this dilemma: Custom design.

A lot of people consider custom design to be an option reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. Not true! Working with a jeweller to custom design a ring can be your best option of marrying your design aesthetic with your wallet’s restrictions.

wedding bands

August & Pemberton

Here are a couple of tips to make your custom design experience the best possible:
1. Choose a jeweller whose work you like. This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s a good thing to keep front of mind when looking online. A jeweller with really modern designs may not be the best person to custom design your delicate filigree engagement ring.
2. Prepare a budget. Whatever type of jewellery you are looking for, it’s best to have a clear budget in mind. This will help the jeweller work with you to create something lovely that won’t break the bank.
3. Bring some images with you to your meeting, or email them through once you’ve found a craftsperson that’s right for the job. Visuals are the best way to make sure that you and the jeweller are on the same page with respect to design. This helps the designer/jeweller understand and relate to your sense of style and build a brief based on things you like or equally important, things you dislike.
4. Be honest! This is your ring, and as jewellers, we can take your thoughts and feelings about a design. Don’t be mean, of course, but be sure to express your thoughts on the designs, as this is the only way that we’ll be able to create something that you will love. If there’s something that’s not quite right about your finished ring it’s unlikely that it will grow on you over time so discuss it with your jeweller. Very minor alterations can make a huge difference to the overall design.
5. Talk to the jeweller about their guarantee. Your jeweller wants you to be happy with your custom designed ring, so ask them about what steps they take to help you make sure it is the perfect ring for you, and if it’s not, what sort of alterations they provide.
Custom designed jewellery offers you the opportunity to create a one of a kind piece of jewellery that you and your partner will love and cherish. The perfect partner and the perfect ring? Perfect!”

Engagement Ring

August & Pemberton

Launched this September was Simon’s Bespoke Mokume - a totally interactive website that allows you to custom design your own ring. It’s great fun! Have a try.

Simon Grew is a couturier of fine jewellery who divides his time between designing and creating bespoke jewellery from his Paddington, NSW studio. August + Pemberton was
launched in 2006 to bring Simon’s passion for design and craftsmanship to life.

Let us know if you use their tool to design your ring – we’d love to see your unique design!

Kate x

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If you want more info on engagement rings or wedding bands check out our rings section on the website.

News of an Engagement

20 Sep

Guess what Modettes? I have recently joined you on your journey to wedded bliss!! My boyfriend of three and a half years (Fiancée now! It takes getting used to right?) recently proposed to me on a trip to Melbourne. After lunch at the beautiful Lake House restaurant in Daylesford, he asked me to be his wife on a walk by the lake. I was in so much shock that I just nodded my head as he presented me with the most gorgeous ring that he had designed himself! Please note modettes that my fiancée works in design and my girlfriends have pointed out that this is pretty unusual!

So in the spirit of engagements I’ve been looking around a little and here are some rings that I love! Oh if only we could have more than one…

If your engagement isn’t ring official yet or if he hasn’t even got the hint, feel free to leave your browser open and inspire him with these stunning rings.


John W Thompson

Coloured Gems - Solitaire


Find your perfect coloured gem here.

Design Lovers…

Gold and White gold wedding bands

Jason Ree

White gold wedding bands

Jason Ree

Lots of diamonds…

Diamond Occasion Fine Jewellery

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond Occasion Fine Jewellery

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond Occasion Fine Jewellery

For the men…

They don’t get an engagement ring, but they do get a wedding band and we all know that men can be fussier than us when it comes to what they wear! Infinity Jewellery specializes in rings for men so they have a huge range for your man to choose from.

Men's wedding bands


Men's wedding bands


Good luck finding your perfect ring!
Isabel :)
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Love and Lemonade e-shoot

6 Jun

I am so happy to be sharing a sweet, lemon flavoured treat with you today. This Love and Lemonade e-shoot is the stunning work of White Room events and Pobke Photography.
I think the magic of these photos is partly created from a collection of antiquated items that cleverly evoke a dreamy innocence, and a beautiful vintage effect through the whole shoot. I love seeing the bride and groom almost play together in the simple surrounds; a tree on a hill and a lemonade stand. Simply divine!
This shoot is oozing with inspiration and love I just want to wrap my arms around it and give it a big hug!
Enjoy this absolutely lovely of lovely shoots… awwwww!

Bride and groom in engagement shootBride and groom in engagement shootStyled engagement shoot with lemon themeVintage lemonade stand in engagement shootBomboniere biiscuits homemadeBride and groom under lemon tree in engagement shootBride and groom in Love and Lemonade shootGroom in lemon coloured engagement shootBride and groom in lemon themed wedding photoshootBride with vintage themeLemonade stand in engagement photoshootLemon drinks in engagement photoshootdecorations in lemonade engagement shootLemon conserve for engagement shootBride and Groom with lemonade stand and combi vanBride in combi in Lemon engagement shoot Bride with lemonade in Lemon themed engagement shootBride and Groom with yellow balloon in e-shootBride and groom with balloon and combiBride and groom huggingBride and groom with lemons for engagement shootBride and groom in e-shoot with ringFlowers for engagement shoot - lemon themeLemon themed engagement photoshootLemon themed engagement photoshootWedding table decorations in styled engagement shootVintage tree decorations for engagement shootVintage styled engagement photo - bride and groom kissingStationery for engagement shoot - blueStationery for engagement shoot - crafty invitationsBride and groom leaving in combi van

From Emily – White Room Events:

The concept was one I had wanted to shoot for some time. I was actually planning to shoot it as part of an advertising campaign in May 2011 .. When I received an email from Alanna the sweetest girl ever, she asked me if I would help to style their shoot. We were deep in the throws of organizing her amazing wedding, now when I say amazing, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of, anyway I digress, she asked me if I had any time to help with their e-shoot.. I told her ‘of course I did’ and did she have a concept in mind…..Sure enough, she did and her concept was almost exactly the same as the one that I have been storing in my head and dreaming of. So similar in fact, that even our storyboards had some of the same pictures on them! We both could not believe it, it was crazy but we have come to know whilst working on her wedding that we have the same style and adore all of the same things.

Alanna and Tim (Bride/Groom) had booked in a date for their e-shoot with their wonderful wedding photographer, Christine Pobke, and were looking for the perfect location. We didn’t want to do the usual ‘lemon orchard thing’, we wanted to have a unique setting, with a lemonade stand.. we wanted to choose somewhere that showed off South Australia at it best! Not long before this I had visited the Barossa Valley, one of the worlds finest wine regions, and came across the most magical boutique vineyard, Bethany Winery. Perched up on the hillside, at the end of a winding road….it was perfect, it was all coming together.

Christine Pobke’s style is fresh and it speaks to me, it’s whimsical and playful. She is an artist and each image she shoots is a piece of art! I think some photographers just shoot, they don’t see what they do as art, which to me is what makes a stand out photographer.. like Ms Pobke!
The sun loves Christine and she loves the sun, the rainbow of light in the ring shot made me get goose bumps, perfect! The images are so dreamy, soft and romantic… almost like a dream sequence, and that’s exactly what Alanna and Tim had wanted for their shoot.

We had a few things going on, a home baked and hand made vibe, with a very subtle nod to hot air balloons (this will make sense to those who attend their wedding in April)  Alanna is a lover of all things whimsical, the colour scheme was pale yellow and white with soft greys and some blues and peaches thrown in for good measure.

With our huge collection of props and vintage wares we made it homely and authentic,  with a retro twist. The Kombi van from Kombis4u was an absolute highlight for everyone on set, they are the colour of creamy butter and were just so cool.. I haven’t stopped dreaming about owning one since.

E-Shoot Information

Alanna and Tim

Date – 23rd December 2010
Theme – Love + Lemonade

Location – Bethany Winery, Barossa Valley, South Australia
Photographer – Christine Pobke – Pobke Photography
Props and Styling – Emily Vawser – White Room Events / Alanna Lock -
Flowers – Holly Loveday – Lotus Flowers
Cookies – Spoon and Fork Cookies
Kombi Van – Kombis4u

From Bride

The concept is simple really, a love story with a lemonade chaser.

Girl meets boy on a hot summer’s day, driving up a winding road in his beloved Kombi Van. He stumbles across an oasis of refreshing lemonade and a cute girl to boot. She gives a smile, he stops the car and the rest, as they say is history.
On her stand she sells home baked goods, cookies and of course lemonade, individual serves as well as take home bottles. She also sells lemon butter in jars covered with liberty printed fabric,  flowers and posies made from daisies and fresh herbs.
Why wouldn’t they fall in love forever? Nothing else could happen on such a sun kissed hillside on a glorious summer day……

We had the most beautiful couture cookies made up from Spoon and Fork Cookies -

- cloud shaped cookies with hand painted phrases – “A + T” – “XOXO” – “Love” and “Hello”
– lemon trees
– lemon shaped cookies
– hot air balloons
– daisy fields

Lotus Flowers put together some small, rustic posies of daisies, chamomile and fresh herbs. The arrangements were simple and organic….as though they had been hand picked that morning.

A large tree stood alongside the lemonade stand, from the branches we hung a custom made sign which read – ‘lets make lemonade’
We strung real lemons to the tree with yellow/white bakers twine, if you look closely, you will see that we also hung some adorable lemon shaped cookies amongst the real lemons – Cute!

Up on the hill, underneath a large gum tree, we set up a fluffy shag pile rug and loosely covered it with lemons. We made some bunting from beautiful vintage hankies and wrapped the tree trunk in vintage crochet, doilies and ribbons. The number of vintage hankies represent how many years A + T have been together.

We also set up an old cast iron bed head and draped it with a cute ribbon garland. Alanna and Tim have a four year old daughter, Scarlett Lily, and this old bed now takes pride of place in their daughter’s bedroom and is a constant reminder of their love.

White paper leaf garlands and white paper chains were hung from the tree – all handmade with love!

What a stunning shoot! Hope this has brightened up your Monday – it certainly has mine!

Tell us what you think of engagement shoots – would you have one?

Enter your comments below or swing by our Facebook page or Twitter.

K xx

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