Blue and White Wedding Dresses and Gowns

There are lots of colors and designs of wedding dresses are in trends in this modern age. The times gone when bride only wears traditional white color gown. Now you can look for multi-color gowns for your wedding. All the colors of wedding dresses are in one side and the blue with white is placed on the other side. In this post we explore some latest fashionable designs and different shades of wedding gowns which are available in current market in blue and white color.

navy blue and white wedding dress without sleeves

If you decided you will wear blue and white color gown on the day of your wedding still you need to finalize one variation of your gown because there are many varieties in blue gowns too. Have a look on some colors and modification of blue and white gowns.

Royal Blue Color Wedding Dresses:

Royal blue looks neat and shiny therefore it is most popular color for wedding gowns. You can design dress with the mix of white and royal blue. Usually silk is used to make this type of dresses. Golden or silver embroidery can also be used on borders. On the blue fabric you may create floral patterns using stitches.

royal blue and white wedding dresses and gowns

Full Royal Blue and White color wedding gown round view

Pure Royal Blue Dress for prom

Royal blue is normally used to decorate the wedding stages and other spots. So if you are going to wear dress in this color. Make sure you can’t conflict with the decoration color because you need to look unique and focal on your wedding function.

Sky Blue and White Wedding Gowns:

Another color variation is sky blue. White looks stunning with light blue. There are many ways where you can use sky color on dress. You can use blue pearls to decorate below side of gown and you may use patterns or plaits with sky blue thread. If you want simple dress with little use of color then it is best style for you. You may only use belt of sky color on white gown.

blue and white wedding gowns 2015

light blue and white wedding dress latest summer collection 2015

More Variations of Blue Wedding Dresses:

If you want to make your wedding dress more unique, you can customize it as much as you want. After deciding colors you can look for styles of gowns like half or full sleeves, you body requirements like small or plus size. Mermaid is also very famous in colorful wedding dresses.

Gallery of Popular Wedding & Prom Dresses in Colorful Designs:

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So now it up to you which style and color combination you choose for your dress. Thank You for being a part of our blog where we share modern ideas to make your special event day remember able.

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