Black and White Wedding Dresses & Gowns Collection

White is so common for wedding dresses, so if you want to look unique, you should look for some colorful wedding gowns. Black and white combination for wedding gowns is very decent and followed by many celebrities and brides. The quantity of color and style depend on your choice. There are many designers who give you ready-made gowns in these colors. But if you are not satisfied, you may ask your tailor to customize it with your desire color and style. Today we only focus on different possible variations of white and black wedding gowns which help you to give some ideas about your wedding dress.

As we see different style in white and blue gowns, this white and black combination also give you lots of varieties in the sense of styles, designs, sizes and colors. Have a look on few of them:

white and black wedding dress with belts

Black Floral Patterns over White Gown:

It is most used design in wedding dresses. White cloth is takes as base or background and black floral patterns are used to design and detailing. Dress looks full black from upper to lower side and white color only shown as background. If you are not okay with full black then you can also use small bails in front and backside with black color or use dark belt with golden buckle in round shape. Buckles for gowns are now easily available in the market.

Beautiful white and black wedding gown 2015

Corset Wedding Dresses in White and Black Combination:

You can also try corset gowns with lace of black color. Usually the top portion is designed in dark color and it gives a look of corset while the lower part of gown is designed in white. You can also use black or white buttons on the corset to give it some style.

Front view of Corset Style dress with Sweetheart Neckline

vintage style black and white wedding gown with sweetheart neckline

Side View of Backless Ball Style Dress in Black with Shiny Blings 

Backless wedding dress in black and white combination

Black Halter and White Gown for Wedding Dress:

If you are going to choose a dress with halter then it is another variation possible with it. You can make the halter in black while the gown looks simpler in white. Halter wedding dresses are prefer by many women because it is comfortable than strapless dresses.

Fit and Flare Strapless Gown having Dark Lace on Borders

black and white wedding gown for sale

Vera Wang Wedding Gowns in White and Black Color:

Vera Wang is one of the most popular fashion designer brand in USA and now worldwide. You can look for Vera Wang site here to see latest designs of wedding dresses. She designed elegant gowns in black and white combination for fall and spring 2015 seasons.

Real Sample of Awesome Work by Bridal Designers

Modern style wedding dress with back side view white and black

Pure Black Gowns for Prom Functions:

If you are looking for prom nigh function dresses to participate as a junior princess or senior queen then you can also choose dresses similar as brides. You can also wear pure black gowns without any restrictions in prom parties. See some pics of prom dresses with different designs here.

full black wedding gowns with different styles

See Gallery of White and Black Colorful Wedding Gowns:

Other common variations are also possible in these colors too like princes style, ball, plus sizes, mermaid and with or without sleeves. Hope you like these designs and share them with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr and on Pinterest.

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