Disney Wedding Dresses Ideas – Cinderella Wedding Dresses

White becomes the most usual color for Disney wedding dresses. If women want to make their white Disney wedding dress unique and different, they should choose Cinderella wedding dresses. These dresses are real Disney wedding dresses. There are lots of types in Disney style outfits like Ball shaped gowns,with or without straps, with lace designs, some shades of colors and mermaid styles etc. But it is your choice that which one you choose for your wedding. We collected some latest white gowns pictures that will help you to select the best one for yourself. All these wedding dresses are full of glamours and give a look of real princess.

snow white color wedding dresses


dream wedding dresses from Disney

Cinderella Wedding dresses are mostly strapless and make a clear crease to make a shape of sweetheart. If you want to wear some colorful stuff then forget about the real Cinderella look because it is only possible with pure white gowns. The concept of Disney wedding dresses is taken from the fantasy movies therefore you should follow them as it is to make it real as much as possible. You can also wear a princess crown in silver or white to look more pretty. It will help you to give some cute look to your hairs.

Cinderella Wedding Dresses design ideas

2015 disney wedding dresses ideas

I hope these all latest designs are exactly as you are expecting. If you think, these are perfect for your wedding then share them on social media sites to get some suggestion from your friends and family members. they will help you better to decide which one will suit better on your personality. if you are overweight women then still you can choose these type of gowns because plus sizes are easily available in white Cinderella style dresses.

Top 10 Wedding Haircut Designs to look Gorgeous

Looking beautiful and gorgeous on wedding, It is a wish of every bride. But it is not enough to choose best dressing and beautiful gown. It you want to be looking stunning it is important to choose the best haircut design for wedding. Selected hairstyle should be suited to you. There are many styles and all are different for long, medium and short length hairs. With the haircut style, you can also add some accessories additionally to make your hair style more prominent and beautiful. For example you can add a pony or crown. Using headband with matching colors is also a good idea. But it depends on your choice. Have a look on some designs which are just for giving you idea of different wedding hairstyles.

Wedding Haircut Design for long and Medium hairs:

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles royal bride

Short length hairs Wedding styles:

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles


DIY Wedding Hairstyles

wedding hairstyles for long hair

wedding hairstyles updos

wedding hairstyles with veil

bridesmaid hairstyles

wedding hairstyles for medium length hairAs you see Top 10 haircut styles for weddings. These brides are looking so beautiful in the simple traditional white gown with their hairstyles. All have different hair sizes and selected unique designs. If you like any idea from these, you can ask you hair stylist in parlor to cut your hair according to chosen style. These are mix of styles to show you all possibilities. If you want to see more specific hairstyles for wedding functions, we have posts designs for long, short and medium size hairs with different colors like black, brown and even for red.

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Top 10 Bridal Wedding Dresses Ideas 2016

I started with quotation of Coco Chanel. She says;

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
 Coco Chanel

Wedding is a day that’s comes once in life for majority .Every girl wants to make it perfect day. Every single eye is on her, this is the reason she wants to look great, she wants that everyone praise her on her special day. She wants to look fabulous.

On the time of wedding the monster issue is to choose the wedding dress, it is difficult for a girl to choose her wedding dress but now a days number of designers and wedding dresses collections solve this issue up to some extent. Every year the designer collections of wedding dresses are available in markets.

Wedding dress Ideas

Current information regarding the wedding dress through internet surfing

bridal dress collections


Around 75 percent of wedding dresses available are strapless dresses or sleeveless, to some degree on the grounds that such dresses require less ability from the originators and are simpler to adjust to fit correctly.

However, the sleeved wedding outfit and also wedding outfits with straps have both gotten to be more famous as of late. Numerous wedding dresses today have been taking into account. The old traditional dresses styles are famous in this era. ‘ Dabka ’ work is much famous on wedding dress these days. The traditional color of those dresses is Red in Asian Counties. This color is again famous in now a days.

Wedding Dress Ideas

Here some Bridal Wedding Dresses Ideas :-

First the to-be-bridal should choose the appropriate color combination that she wants to wear on her wedding day.

Then she should watch some bridal fashion shows, fashion magazines for the new trends and for the better ideas and that develops the sense of color combination for the dress.

She can make a dress on order or buy it from any outlet from where she wanted to buy.

As this day is important for a girl it is also an important day for a guy who is going to marry with that girl

He wants to look great on his wedding day ,he should dressing an appropriate manner either he wears three piece suit or sherwani.

Stephanie Perkins says;

I don’t believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be same person every day.”

Whatever the dress a bridal or a groom wears they should know how to carry it that called style, that’s called fashion.

Brides Wedding Dress Ideas 2016 with Images

Beach Wedding dress ideas

Wedding Dress traditional Ideas

Red Bridal wedding Dresses 2016

Red bridal wedding dress

Shaded Henna Designs for Hands 2016

It’s time to share some unique shaded henna designs for hands with you. As you know henna is used to draw different designs patterns on the hands, legs, arms, neck and other body parts. Mostly henna is used by females to design their hands and feet to make them noticeable and beautiful. It gives an elegant smell and stunning looks to women. We already shared many creative ideas of henna designs for hands in 2016 but now we are going to share something different and complex designs of henna. Yes, these are shaded henna designs. Giving a shade with henna is looking difficult but in actual it is very easy. You just need an idea and concept of designing. Here we share some shaded henna designs for your hands.

Best Bridal Shaded Henna Designs for Hands

Shaded henna designs 2015

Dark black henna designs for wedding brides

Simple wedding design for henna 2015

Shade can be given by applying henna cone with low pressure. You can also use your finders to spread the henna paste to make it lighter than other design. So it will give you a look of shades. If you are regular use henna to make some design but never try these type shaded style. We will recommend you to try out these unique henna designs too. These shaded designs of henna will surely impress others.

See Henna Design Pictures for Wedding:

I hope these henna designs for hands will help you and you will find them useful. You can also apply them on feet and to make henna tattoos.

Latest Curly Bun Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

The hairstyles matter a lot because it changed your face looks completely. You can try different hair styles. If you are planning to tie a bun updo, it is right place because I am going to share some latest styles of bun for those girls who have naturally curly hairs. These hairstyles for selected for weddings and other party events. Brides can also try these updo buns on their curly hairs.

unique wedding hairstyles ideas loose styles latest

bun hairstyles for long curly hairs brides

Curly hairs give you a gorgeous look when you tie updo bun loosely. Leave some fringe of hairs on your face with curls. It will look stunning with your white color wedding dress. There are many trends come with the time but you should choose which suits your face and personality. Also don’t stick with any single style. Always try new because without try you can make any assumptions that this hair style will not suits on you.

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Celebrity hairstyles for wedding black hair 2015

Wedding hair style for culry bun updo romantic hot

You can use any hair-band, flower, hair-clip or any other accessories on your head to decorate your bun. But keep in mind don’t use too much detailing. Use small pins in light are also enough to show the beauty of natural hair curls. You can use these hairstyles for any color of hairs like black, brown or golden.

Gallery of Curly Bun Hairstyles for Brides:

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Loose Bun Wedding Hairstyles that Suits on Every Face

When you are preparing for a wedding party, making a hairstyle takes too much time. Because you feel confuse which hairstyle suits on you. Girls try too many styles and at the end they go with the style they are not happier with. If you decide to knot a bun but there are many styles in bun too. You can do many things with the bun. So in this post we are going to share some unique but elegant loose bun hairstyles that suits on almost every face. No matter if your face shape is round or long-chin or any other. Loose bun styles suits on every face shape. Have a look on some photos below that we compiled for you:

Gorgeous looking loose bun hairstyles for wedding

latest loose bun hairstyles for wedding 2015


Loose bun is also easy for long and medium hairs but if you have bob cut hair then it is not for you. There are some benefits if making loose bun like it takes less time to make and you feel relax on your head. In case of high bun you need to tie tight knots which sometime cause headache but loose bun hairstyle gives you easy feel in all the time during function of wedding.

easy loose bun hairstyles compilation in one pic 2015

There are many other styles you can invent from the loose bun hairstyle. You can try right or left side bun or a straight backside updos, it’s all depends on your choice. In the loose style, you should leave some fringes over your face. You can use some clips or flowers to decorate and knot the bun on side.

See Pictures of Loose Bun Hairstyles for Parties & Weddings:

This gallery will help you give some ideas about unique and impressive hairstyle with little modification in loose updos.

Images Source Credit 

Hope these designs are enough for choosing the best style for you. If you want to see some more wedding hairstyles, please read related posts given below. Thanks

Low Bun Hairstyles for Your Wedding that Easy to Make

There are lots of hairstyles for bun updo, as a bride you can choose any of them according to your liking and desire. Low bun hairstyles are very common in brides. If you are simple and decent kind of women then you can try this style on your wedding. It is nearly matching with loose bun and opposite to high bun hairstyles but little change on hair-style completely changed the look of your face so select the right style for you. Here we shared some latest hairstyles of low bun according to 2015 fashion:

Cute low bun hairstyles for medium hair

classical low bun hairstyle with veil and bids 2015

Gorgeous looking low bun hairstyle for prom or wedding

Low bun is tied on the neck and you can get different style by making a knot on slightly left or right side. You can also try loose low bun or tight low updo. Every little step give you a new look. You can also pinup your veil over bun, it will give you gorgeous look.

Bridal hairstyle low bun front and bakside view

low side bun hairstyles for weddings

wedding hairstyle low bun updo with flower

These styles best suited on all sizes of hairs specially medium and long size hairs. I am sure after see some pictures of hairstyles in different colors like black and brown and golden etc, you are now able to decide which style will suit on your face. Now you can search for the tutorial about how to do this if you have no idea to knot low buns.

See Gallery of Bridal Low Bun Hairstyles for different hair Sizes:

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Messy Bun Hairstyles for Long, Short & Medium Length Hairs for Wedding

Messy bun is now considered a latest trend and brides use it on their weddings. In the olden days it was made by lazy girls and no one like untidy buns and updos but now it is used with different styles. If you want to make a messy bun hairstyle but confuse when selecting the style. Here you can choose any messy updo hairstyle for your wedding. If you are not bride but going to attend wedding function or any other event, you can still try these styles. See some new styles shown below:

low messy bun hairstyles how to do

messy bun hairstyles for wedding

cute messy curly bun hairstyles 2015

Now you can notice many celebrities also seen with the messy side bun. It suits on every size of hairs. You can try it with long, short, medium or even with shoulder length hairs. If you don’t know how to do messy bun then see this tutorial step by step with images and videos. But first of all select the design which you want to apply on your hairs.

stunning messy side bun hairstyles for long hair

cute messy bun braid hairstyles

latest messy hairstyles

Like every hairstyle you can use different accessories to decorate your hairs like clips, headbands or some kind of fancy hairpins. To make your bun neat and clean you should use spray on it. Otherwise some small fringes start coming out over your neck. So spray makes your bun on the place for long time.

Top 8 Styles of Messy Bun you can try in 2015:

Messy buns are mostly liked by the females having curly hairs. Because curly hair automatically gives a look on mess when tie a knot. You can make either low or high knot with messy style. I hope you love these hairstyles and share them with your friends to tell them about these latest styles. Don’t forget to see more designs for marriage parties below in related posts.

Cute Side Bun Hairstyles for Wedding

Bun is one of the most famous hairstyle and always being a part of fashion because it is very versatile. You can slightly modify it to get a new hairstyle. Many celebrities are seen adopting the side buns styles and people follow the trends and make elegant side buns on their weddings and other occasions. You can choose the bun style according to your face, make-up and outfits. There are many hairstyles associated with side bun like messy side bunloose side bun, topknot or high side updolow side bun and many others. We collected some cute bun hairstyles especially for weddings and proms. Let’s have a loon on some of them:

side bun updo black hair

side bun hairstyles short hair

side bun updo messy style 2015

Cute Side Buns for Weddings:

You can choose the best hairstyle according to your hair colors and their length. There are different styles for short, medium and long length hairs. Black color hairs are suited with long loose side buns while medium or short looks gorgeous in low and messy side updo. But these are just suggestions, you can try any of them.

red brown hair side bun updo style for prom and wedding function

side bun cute hairstyle for prom

Romantic Wedding hairstyle side bun

Pics of Side Bun hairdos with awesome variations for Bridals and Guests:

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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Half Up Half Down

You can only make half up half down hairstyle if you have long hairs. Medium length hair also enough for half up and half down updos but it look gorgeous with long hairs. On the day of wedding when everyone is focus on bride. Guests see everything of bride specially her dress, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle. With the long hairs you have lots of options to select hairstyle but in this post we only focus on the hairstyles of half up half down with different variations.

wedding hairstyles long curly hair half up half down

picture of half up half down wedding hairstyles for long hair

latest fashion half up half down hairstyles for really long hairs

There are many hairstyles for long hairs with half up and half down you can try on your next pro or on your wedding function. Some of them are easy and take less time to make but you can do something very complex too if you have a plan and time. We share some awesome hair styles including simple to difficult.

wedding hairstyles long hair half up half down veil

black hairs half up and half down hairstyle for wedding day 2015

Beautiful half up half down updo pinterest picture

As a bride you should decide what type of style you want. You can try curly or straight hairs with some fringes pull on up side and others leave away from your face to downward. You may try to make some flower or ribbon like design on the upper side with straight hair while make your lower hairs curl. This style will give you a romantic look and perfect for a prom or wedding night party.

hot long hairstyle with half up and half down wedding bride

latest unique hairstyle for long hair with half up and half down updo bun

wedding hairstyles for long hair half up half down 2015

It is recommended to use some hair accessories like pearl clips, some artificial or fresh flowers, colorful bands, hairpins or headbands. Don’t put too much accessories that look awkward, keep the things in limits. You can also use beautiful tiara or veil with your wedding traditional gown or dress. Your hairs should prominent from the veil.  These tips will give you an amazing look. You can get ideas from the pictures we shared.

See Gallery of Half Up / Half down Updos:

Get more ideas for different type of hairstyles like bun, messy, ponytails etc for your marriage. These styles are not only for brides but also for the sister, friends and mother of the bride. See given related posts. Thank You.