23 Modern Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding brings two people and their families close to each other.It is a strong bond that originates between them and gets stronger with every vow. It is the best time to celebrate, party and have fun by gathering all the beloved members of the family, relatives and friends of course. To gather everyone in one place, both the parties arrange some specific place where they conduct the ceremony. Some people even prefer to have the ceremony at their homes. When it comes to the ceremony, the next worrying thing is the decoration of the big day.

Outdoor Wedding Reception

Beach side elegant wedding decoration for food reception

Indoor Wedding Decoration Reception Ideas 
indoor wedding reception decorations

Hall decoration for Wedding Tables and Chairs in the Hall

hall decoration ideas for wedding receptions

For the decoration, you need to be very creative as you have to be at your best. Every little detail counts when it comes to decorating the place. You might need to do a lot of brainstorming to get things done in the right way. It can be a bit frustrating as at once, you will have nothing figured out, but as soon as you do it with patience you will see things going smoothly. For this purpose, make sure that you start the whole plan a couple of months before the wedding as the closer it gets, the harder it becomes to get all the things done.

Flower Decor ideas for Wedding reception in Backyard

Outdoor wedding reception in garden

Red Carpet with White Chairs and Tents for Outdoor Wedding Functionoutdoor wedding in backyard elegant decoration

Reception Decoration on the Go

You can come across some ideas different magazines and online blogs. Before starting, it is best to see what others had planned for their receptions. In this way, you will be able to choose something better for your reception. Every couple should be well aware of the trends of decorations in the wedding category. If you are tired of the whole decoration thing, then you can also go for the theme idea. This makes the decoration procedure much easier and allows less brainstorming in the way.

Tents Decoration Ideas for Wedding or prom night Functions

wedding tables and chairs decorations

wedding reception decoration ideas diy

Elegant Reception Entrance Decoration Styles and Ideas 2015Church wedding decorations

Decoration Ideas

You can make the theme according to the dress of the bride and everyone else can also follow the whole concept. The only thing you need to worry about here would be the time. You might need a lot of time to plan all this and decorate it as well. You don’t have to get into the wedding planner’s fuss. You can go for the inexpensive decorations as well.

Purple Theme for Indoor Wedding Hall Decor and Settings

purple wedding decor theme

Purchase the Right Stuff

Purchasing the right materials and decorations is going to count a lot. Get the right flowers or other beads and twinkly lights. This all depends upon the wedding theme and your own taste of course.

Unique Theme for Decorated Outdoor Area with Cream color Table & Chairs

outside wedding deco themes

Reception Themes

When it comes to themes of the reception, you can choose the sunset theme, night theme or you can also do it in the daylight. It mainly depends on your preference, but having an idea from here and there makes the selection a lot easier.

Blue Theme for Beach Wedding Decoration

beach decorating ideas for weddings

Pink & Red Color Theme for Beach Side Decorationsoutdoor beach pink theme decor ideas for reception party

beach themed wedding decoration for reception

Table Decor

Personalize the decoration for the tables and include sub-themes for each table in the ceremony area. Have candles, wine glasses decorated with ribbons to make everything look appealing.

Gallery of Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas:

You can go for any type of theme you like based on the bride and groom’s choice. Make the right choice and have fun.

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