Food Lover Weddings

29 Dec

We live in a Masterchef world where My Kitchen Rules, Donna Hay is Queen, Matt Preston is King and Zumbo has a cult following. When it comes to our wedding many of us can’t wait to say ‘Ready, Steady,Cook!’ to the chef on hand.

Our love of gourmet food begins at the proposal. I feel like I am increasingly hearing proposals that involve some kind of 9-course degustation banquet and my own proposal was preceded by a beautiful lunch at the award-winning Lake House restaurant in Daylesford. Hen’s parties are making use of cooking classes and learning the art behind cupcakes, macarons and even sushi to prepare the future bride. A lavish spread is often presented to guests at a bridal shower or kitchen tea – far more impressive than the humble lamington and bickies!

Top Row: Baroque Bistro Patisserie Bottom Row: Iced Affair

Image by Milk and Honey

Image by Milk and Honey

Wedding reception venues and restaurants are responding to our love affair with gourmet food. Restaurants are opening their doors and reception venues are recruiting award-winning chefs. The latest comes from the Manly Pavilion who will introduce British chef Tony Gibson as head chef in 2012. Gibson is expected to make an impressive mark on the iconic restaurant with a creative legacy in ‘hatted’ and Michelin starred dining.

The Lake House


The bomboniere is also being incorporated into the food frenzy. Cooking utensils, homemade jams, spices and tea are popular gifts for guests. I saw a great idea recently where wedding guests were asked to write up their favourite recipe and return with their RSVP card. The bride and groom had all the recipes bound into cookbooks which were presented to guests on the night. They titled the book ‘A taste of [insert couple’s names here] family and friends’. So cute!

Image by Courtney Boulden Photography

Modern Wedding DIY Magazine

As we continue to educate our tastebuds through reality cooking shows, the simple meat and three veg will no longer suffice. Our love of delicious fresh food is here to stay! So how does that affect your wedding? I’m having my wedding reception at a restaurant with modern Turkish cuisine. Although it was the building that originally pulled me, after the tasting, I am so excited for my friends and family to enjoy the absolutely scrumptious food at my wedding!

How important is the food on your wedding day? Did food play a major factor when choosing your reception venue? Comment here and let us know or drop by our facebook!

I hope you continue to eat and be merry!

Isabel :)

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