Make it for your maids!

23 Sep

In celebration of the 2nd edition of our stunning DIY magazine (just sent off to the printers!!) I wanted to share with you a beautiful little bag project I came across – it is so simple but so effective. I got busy this week on it – so here it is for all our DIY lovers.

This gorgeous little bag will be such fun for your bridesmaids to take to your wedding! Why not use materials that match your wedding theme colour – you could even give them their little bags as a way of telling them what colour they will be wearing!

These darlings are so easy to make – you may even want to make them for all the girls attending your wedding as a bomboniere pressie.

If you are a DIY fiend like me – you’ll love the new DIY mag, which is due to hit the stands in October!

Easy to sew bridesmaid giftMaterials you will need:

  • 2 co-ordinating fabrics (8 inches x 11 inches – cutting 2 pieces from each fabric)
  • A bit of 1 inch or wider ribbon
  • and a meter of thinner ribbon
Materials for making a bagWith your rectangular pieces of fabric – place them right sides together with their matching piece. I.e. the blue fabric with the blue fabric.
Sew around the bottom and sides leaving the top open.
Step one - sewing your bagTo square off the corners take the front and back of the bag and pull them apart at the corner, flattening the fabric into a triangle. Make sure the seams are lined up exactly. Sew across corners as seen with the red line below.
Corner-sewing on the bagNow you will have two separate bags. Turn your outer bag right-side-out and keep your lining bag inside out.
Put your outer bag inside the lining bag, matching up the raw ends and side seams – pin in place.
Bag-shells-finalSew the outer bag and the lining together around the top edge.
Get your quick-un-pick and unpick a small hole at the bottom of your lining bag.
Unstitching a bagPull the outer fabric through the hole so your outer bag  is now right side out. Either hand stitch close the opening in the lining or use your machine. Put the lining inside the bag.
Press the top edge of the bag so the seam will be nice and flat.
To attach the ribbon
  • Turn end of ribbon under 3/8″ and place it at the side seam about 2″ from the top of the bag.
  • Ensuring that you keep the ribbon straight (I pinned it in place) sew along the top of the ribbon – stop before you reach the next side seam.
  • Cut the ribbon off around 3/8″ beyond the side seam.
  • Turn the end of the ribbon under and stitch to the side seam.
Repeat this for the second side of the bag.
Repeat stitching for bottom edge of ribbon. This is what it will look like:
Ribbon-attachedWe are almost there!
With a safety pin attached the the end of your thinner ribbon – pull it through all the way around the bag (full circle).
Leave your preferred amount trailing out  of the bag and tie off the ends.
Inserting ribbon into drawstring bagRepeat for the opposite side.
TIP: to stop the ends of your ribbon fraying – singe them with an open flame. But be careful!
Bridesmaid bagNow simply pull the ribbon on both sides and …we are finished!
Now your bridesmaids or your female guest will have a beautiful personal gift to remember your wedding by forever!

If you aren’t into the crafty biz – then here are some fun baggy bomboniere ideas your can simply buy….


Clockwise from top left: Miniature Funky Felt Gift Bags; Natural Miniature Woven Beach Bags; Linen Drawstring Pouch Favours with English Tea Rose Trim


I hope you have enjoyed this little bag lover blog!

Thank you to 7 Layer Studio for this fantastic quick and easy bag! I love it.

Happy Friday:)

Kate x

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One Response to “Make it for your maids!”

  1. Amy September 23, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Cool. I’m going to make these for my bridesmaids in purple. We’ve picked their dresses, but this will be a nice surprise on the day along with the earrings I have bought. I’ll send a picture once I’m finished. Wish me luck!

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