Essential Bridal Beauty: Part Four – Spot-Free

1 Sep

Blemishes. Blech! We all get them from time to time; whether it’s skin-type, hormones or stress related. Today we’re going to learn how to prevent them and how to deal with them when they rear their ugly heads!

“There are different types of blemishes,” says Makeup Artist Julie Elton. “A blind pimple is red, sore and raised. Don’t squeeze, you’ll only bruise the skin. Then there are those awful white headed pimples – out there for everyone to see. But again, don’t squeeze them! You’ll just cause watery discharge and then you won’t be able to get makeup to stick to the skin to cover it, no matter what you do. Finally, there are post-pimples – which are usually ones you’ve squeezed – naughty! And they’ve formed a scab.”

Of course it’s natural to want to squeeze a pimple… or attack it with perfume, alcohol, a Vitamin E capsule or various other implements of torture. But don’t do it!! “Trust me,” says Julie. “None of those things work. And none of them speed up the healing process. Most of them will actually make things worse.” Really? I hear you ask. Yup, really! “Drying agents will just burn the surface of your skin,” says Julie. “And Vitamin E applied directly to the skin can cause dematitis.” Yeeshk! When you’re dealing with blemishes, prevention is better than cure.

When you’ve got a special occasion coming up, start upping the ante with your skincare. “Start each day with a glass of warm water and lemon,” says Julie. “It will help your body to cleanse from the inside out.” Exfoliating twice weekly will help to loosen any blockages underneath the skin, lift impurities and slough off dead skin cells that might otherwise clog your pores. “A great natural exfoliator is Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with water to form a paste,” says Julie. “Apply it like a mask and then rinse off after a few minutes. Otherwise, I love Clarins Gentle Skin Exfoliator or Gentle Facial Peel. It’s made from clay, so it’s very absorbent of dead skin cells and impurities.”
“Never go to bed without removing your eye and face makeup,” says Julie. “Use a milky or creamy cleanser at night to get rid of the day’s grime and use an invigorating foaming cleanser in the morning to wake your skin up.” Follow your cleansing regime with a toner. “I love Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion – it’s a gel and it really soothes the skin.” Next up, make sure you moisturise with the right product for your skin. “If you’re dry, use a hydrating cream. If you’re oily, use a matte control moisture lotion. And if you’re combination, as so many of us are, use a light, easily-applied moisture lotion that won’t clog any one area.”

“Apply your foundation first.” What? “Yes that’s right,” says Julie. “Foundation before concealer. It’s the best way to cover up and create lasting power.” Foundation will cover 50% of your blemish and the concealer will do the rest. “When you’re covering up problem areas, start with a concealer brush. I use M.A.C Cosmetics brush number 194,” says Julie. “It has a long flat paddle with a chiselled tip. Which means you can get to those difficult areas and blend it out perfectly.” When you’re choosing a concealer, go for one that’s two shades lighter than your skintone for under the eyes and one that’s the same colour as your skin for blemishes. “I use M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Finish Concealer,” says Julie. “It comes in a little pot so it’s easy to carry around with you and it’s a creamy foundation based product that’s really easy to work with.”

Press the product into and onto the area that you want to cover. “Remember ‘press’ – not ‘rub’ or ‘glide’,” says Julie. “Press it into your skin and just build it up until the area is covered. Blend and feather out the edges and then you can set it with M.A.C Prep + Prime Corn Silk Powder. It’s the finest and most translucent powder you can buy, so your skin won’t go chalky.”

And voila! Blemishes covered, you’re off – spot-free!

So Modettes – what’s your biggest makeup melt-down? What’s freaking you out about your makeup for the big day? Let us know. Leave your comments, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz.

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